Solidea Pitruzzello

Vice President, Branch Administrator

Solidea Pitruzzello is Vice President, Retail Banking and Marketing of Northwest Community Bank. She has significant experience with banks of different sizes and within various markets. Solidea has held leadership positions at, People’s United Bank, Rockville Bank, Bank of America, and Farmington Bank. Having such diversified experience, Solidea has witnessed first-hand and has ultimately determined that small local community banks take better care of their customers and communities.

Solidea obtained her Bachelors of Arts from Central Connecticut State University. She has since completed the Connecticut School of Finance & Management and is currently finishing her MBA with a focus on organizational leadership with Florida Institute of Technology. Solidea is a Notary Public and previously held certifications and licenses in the areas of mortgages, grants, investing and insurance.

Solidea is very active in her community and holds or has held positions on many boards such as Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, Wheeler YMCA, and BNI. When not working, Solidea enjoys hiking, kayaking, biking, boating and traveling with her family.