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  • 07.16
  • Municipal Money Market Accounts - why they make sense If you've ever been a part of a Municipal government - in leadership, city council, Board of Ed or a finance committee you will completely understand how daunting money management can be. Not only are you dealing with budgets and all the pressure that goes along with creating the right one, hoping it gets approved and makes everyone happy (or the majority at least), but you also need to make sound decisions when it comes to your investments and portfolio management.
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  • 07.09
  • What Type of Mortgage is right for you? When it comes to buying a home, most people know there are a few different mortgage options to choose from, but many don't understand that there are actually quite a few options that vary depending on your situation. Once you've taken care of the homework - setting a budget, figuring out a down payment, and reviewing your credit, you'll have a better idea of what loan works best for your needs.
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  • 07.02
  • Health Care Marketing - What Works Best? It's not news to anyone living in the U.S. that our health care system is changing, evolving, and moving at lightning speed. With rampant consolidations, rise in consumer health care costs, and the emergence of MedTech and online doctors - how do health care providers keep the customers they have and woo new ones?
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  • 06.25
  • Identifying Phishers, Scammers and the "Alleged Debt Collectors" Hackers and scammers have honed their craft to the level that even the savviest become victims. From spoofed email accounts from well-known banks and credit card institutions alerting individuals their account has been compromised to robo-phone dialers with local numbers who appear to know quite a bit about you - the situation with ID theft and social engineering is only going to get worse.
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