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Find a Connecticut Branch/ATM LocationLitchfield Bancorp - Locally grown and locally owned since 1850. A bank where EVERY CUSTOMER COUNTS.

  • 09.20
  • Savings Clubs are making a comeback! When it comes to personal finance, what is old has become new again. The latest new thing in thrift is the savings club, a time-honored tradition that our parents and grandparents relied on to accumulate money for the holidays.
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  • 09.10
  • Join us for a "Surviving College Debt" workshop on October 11,2016 Are you becoming stressed out with the daunting and overwhelming task of paying for college? We know how you feel! Please join us and hear from experts in the fields of Financial Aid and assistance.
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The last hometown bank in Litchfield.We have have offices in Litchfield, Lakeville, Watertown, Washington and Torrington and are dedicated to the proposition that every customer counts as we continue our ongoing focus to make a positive impact in the lives of our customers.