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  • 10.17
  • Credit cards - can you have too many? If your mailbox looks anything like mine, you probably get a few different credit card offers each week. Some boast a 0% APR, some have a rewards program, and others offer 0% balance transfers. But how do you know what credit card is best, and is there such a thing as having too many cards?
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  • 10.10
  • Keeping up with Technology - the struggle is REAL! If you subscribe to our emails, you've probably seen a lot of information over the past year about security updates, fraud alerts, and the ways in which Litchfield Bancorp is constantly making upgrades in order to better serve you and keep your information safe.
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  • 10.03
  • Young Financiers - Sharing your household budget with your children - it's a win! Sharing your salary and spending habits with others has always been very taboo. But, is there ever a time to let the proverbial cat out of the bag and share that information with your children? We say - Absolutely!
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  • 09.26
  • Keeping your company data safe with a mobile workforce Technology has transformed the lives of millions of office workers, creating "work from anywhere" opportunities that provide flexibility, productivity gains, and increased happiness among the ranks.
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  • 09.19
  • Young financiers in the making need to know about ID theft As our digital economy grows, consumers are paying a heavy burden in costs associated with identity theft and credit/debit card fraud. According to a report by Javelin Strategy & Research, 15.4 million consumers were victims of these crimes in 2016, up 16% from 2015.
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