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  • 05.25
  • Beneficial Ownership Notice On May 5, 2016 the US Department of the Treasury announced a Customer Due Diligence Final Rule and proposed Beneficial Ownership Legislation. Due to these regulatory changes effective May 11, 2018, we will be asking for additional information when commercial accounts are opened or changes are made to existing accounts including Certificate of Deposit Renewals and Loan Renewals held at Litchfield Bancorp.
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  • 05.22
  • The Advantages of Automatic Payments and E-billing In a world full of automation, it seems to make sense to add paying your bills electronically to the growing list of things that can be done by technology. Not only is it FREE to use automatic payments, but it saves you money - buying checks, postage, envelops, etc. - and time!
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  • 05.15
  • Buying vs Leasing Your Next Vehicle Owning a vehicle is no longer a luxury but a necessity for most people. Many of us work in places where vehicles are required to get around, especially in Litchfield County were public transportation really doesn't exist. You will most likely need to purchase a vehicle that costs more money than you have on hand in your savings account.
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  • 05.08
  • Apple Pay - should your business accept it and how does it work? By now, you may have heard of a payment option called Apply Pay, which officially rolled out in 2014, but has lately gained a lot of traction. Apple Pay allows your customers a safe, easy, and private way to pay for goods and services in stores, in mobile apps, online, and even in certain web chats. It only makes sense that we use our cellphones as mobile wallets since we handle much of our daily lives on them.
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  • 05.01
  • How to save money when moving The process of moving is stressful enough without factoring in the added costs of packing supplies, truck rentals, mover fees, etc. even if you are just moving across town. Knowing what you'll need to spend, where you can save and being able to budget appropriately can help keep the stress down and keep some dollars in your pocket.
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