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  • 10.27
  • Common College Application Mistakes that Can Put You in the Rejection Pile No one wants their college application to end up in the rejection pile, and while having perfect grades and a robust resume of volunteering and extracurricular activities will help you get accepted, it won't guarantee you a spot on next year's roster. One way to increase your odds of acceptance is by submitting a pristine application that shows a clear understanding of your identity and goals.
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  • 10.20
  • Tips to Avoid Post-Quarantine Over-Spending Saved money on gas... check. Saved money on eating out... check. Saved money on vacations and date nights... check. 2020 has been a rollercoaster ride for many people's finances. During mandatory shutdowns, most Americans cut back on what were once normal activities and found that they were able to save some money. But now what?
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  • 10.13
  • Five things to do BEFORE you put your home on the market! Here in Connecticut, the housing market is currently a seller's market - meaning the sellers are the ones with more leverage. But just because the inventory is low and buyers can't be as picky, it doesn't mean you should neglect your home. Keeping your property in tiptop shape is a must and doing routine maintenance is still required - plus buyers will notice and potentially not give you the asking price you are looking for!
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  • 10.06
  • The Age of the Freelancer - Why to Hire One and How to Find the Right One The concept of hiring freelancers to handle projects or certain responsibilities is nothing new, however, it's become very popular over the past decade. There are a few factors that have made the freelancer worker more popular - one major factor - fewer Americans are embracing the traditional 9-5 job career path.
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  • 09.29
  • How to Roll Over an Old 401(k) Gone are the days when someone worked for the same company for 40+ years before retiring with a pension, fancy pen, and maybe if you were lucky a gold watch. Today, the average 50-60 year old has had about 12 jobs over the course of their working career.
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