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We celebrate a lot of work anniversaries here at Litchfield Bancorp - A Division of Northwest Community Bank. Many of our employees have been with us for over 20 years - that says something about our culture. We are passionate about our team and the communities in which we work and live.

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  • 05.04
  • Decluttering? Items You Shouldn't Put in the Donate Pile Spring cleaning season is here - and everything in your house is fair game. If you are like many people, your purges fall into two piles - trash/recycle or donate. While you might have the best of intentions with you decluttering donations, your local thrift store may not actually want everything that you are eager to get rid of.
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  • 04.27
  • When Should You Dip into Your Emergency Fund? Having an emergency fund during uncertain times can provide you with some peace of mind and sense of security. Whether it's fully funded or you are just starting to build it, you may be wondering what events would qualify as emergencies and allow you to dip into those funds. Do you need to rethink priorities? Should you move things around in the budget to make space for this new expense? Or is this a legit emergency? Of course, there is no shame in using your emergency funds, but you should ask yourself these 3 questions first.
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  • 04.20
  • Green Ways to Improve Your Home and Save Some Money It doesn't matter if you are a renter, homeowner, or even still living at home with your parents, it's safe bet to assume that you care about protecting the environment, and also saving money because who doesn't want to save money? Here are some simple tips to protect or improve your home, while also saving you some green!
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The last hometown bank in Litchfield.We have offices in Litchfield, Lakeville, Watertown, Washington and Torrington and are dedicated to the proposition that every customer counts as we continue our ongoing focus to make a positive impact in the lives of our customers.