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Find a Connecticut Branch/ATM LocationLitchfield Bancorp - Locally grown and locally owned since 1850. A bank where EVERY CUSTOMER COUNTS.

  • 09.22
  • Open House - Washington Depot, CT Come meet our Branch Manager, Laura Berendsohn, and the friendly faces of Litchfield Bancorp on 9/22 from 10am to 1pm. Refreshments, a Special Guest, and the chance to win a Fall themed picnic basket with local goodies will all be part of the fun!
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  • 09.18
  • Fall maintenance tips to keep your home in tip top shape Fall is the perfect time to give your home and yard a little TLC before Old Man Winter moves back in! We've compiled a simple, and easy DIY checklist that will make your Winter more pleasant and hopefully prevent any surprises from popping up! Even if you choose to hire a repair person to tackle these To-Do's it's still a good investment and can save you from potential headaches down the road - and some big expenses.
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  • 09.11
  • The do's and don'ts of using the equity in your home Building equity in your home, the difference between a home's fair market value and the outstanding mortgage balance, is every homeowner's goal. After all, it is the whole point of buying a property vs. renting it. Home equity is valuable savings, but it can also be a valuable finance tool.
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  • 09.04
  • September is National Preparedness Month. How is your business preparing? If you haven't heard about National Preparedness Month, which was started in 2004, now it the perfect time to learn about it and implement some of the key principles within your business. Even though the whole month of September is designated as National Preparedness Month, that doesn't mean you should only revisit your emergency plans at that time, it's a yearlong endeavor that takes some organization and teamwork.
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The last hometown bank in Litchfield.We have offices in Litchfield, Lakeville, Watertown, Washington and Torrington and are dedicated to the proposition that every customer counts as we continue our ongoing focus to make a positive impact in the lives of our customers.