Fraud Protection Services

Protecting yourself from the negative impacts of fraud should be your (and your banks) top priority. Anyone who uses the internet is a potential target for fraud. We provide market-leading fraud protection services to anticipate, address and help prevent security threats.

Report a Lost or Stolen Card - Contact Our Fraud Prevention Department

Report a Lost or Stolen Debit Card

If you believe your Debit MasterCard or PIN has been lost or stolen, please call us at (860) 567-9401 in Litchfield or (800) 670-3456 from anywhere in the USA, or you can call (800) 264-5578 during non-business hours. You also have the option of deactivating your card 24/7 through iBanking or Mobile Banking. Also, if you deactivate a lost card and then happen to find it, you can reactivate it.

Mastercard SecureCode

Shop online with added confidence, knowing only you can use your Litchfield Bancorp Debit MasterCard® because your card is protected by a personal password.

In light of increased fraud activity through online purchases, registration for MasterCard® SecureCode is now required. This service is free of charge and it only takes a few minutes to register your Litchfield Bancorp Debit MasterCard®. Register online or by following the activation instructions when making your purchase online at any participating merchant. At the end of your purchase, you'll sign a virtual receipt with your private password. If you elect not to register, your transaction will not be processed.

Planning on Traveling Abroad - Let Us Know to Prevent Service Disruptions

Travel Notification:

Please let us know when you plan to travel outside of New England. We will notify Fraud Prevention Services that there could be charges to your card from your vacation location. This will ensure that your debit card transactions will not trigger a card alert and will prevent them from blocking the card. You can notify us 24/7 through iBanking or Mobile Banking.

FraudWatch® PLUS

Fraud can hit anytime…but you’re protected.

You may not know it, but you have round-the-clock protection against the increasingly savvy perpetrators of debit card fraud.

  • Trained analysts watch for suspicious transaction activity on your behalf, 24 x 7, 365 days a year.
  • You will be contacted immediately by an experienced fraud analyst to verify the authenticity of your card transactions, if warranted.
  • So if you ever get a call from "Fraud Prevention Services," know that our people are doing their job and preventing potential misuse of your card.

In the event of potential fraud on your debit card Fraud Prevention services will shut down your card and call you to verify the transactions. If necessary, they will leave a message asking you to call them back. Remember, Litchfield Bancorp and our partners will never ask you to provide personal, confidential information, such as your PIN or social security number, when we call you.

Fraud Protection - Learn how to stay safe online.

Fraud Protection Information

Scam artists in the U.S. and around the world defraud millions of people each year by using the Internet to trick victims into sending money or giving out personal information. Learn how to protect yourself at OnGuard Online