Why your high school student should have a summer or part time job

Summer job

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Warning: Depending on your child’s hobbies and interests, suggesting they seek employment for the Summer Break and beyond may result in glares, the silent treatment, and resistance.

Some high schoolers love the idea of working to make some extra money, while others think it’s a fate worse than death. However, summer break is a great time to enter the job market and earn money to put towards buying a car, college tuition, paying a cell phone bill, or even simply building a savings account. A job or internship can also be added to those college apps to show work experience and new skills – not to mention they may discover a passion or future career.   

Another big plus is learning life skills and time management that they will need for college and a future career. College requires a diverse set of skills. While getting good grades in high school is important, balancing a social life, academics, sports/hobbies, household chores, and a job will show that they are prepared for the demands of university life. 

Here are a few advantages to having that Summer or Part-Time job:

  1. Exploration – while working various types of jobs, they will gain insight into themselves, what they like to do, and what they are good at. It could help them choose their college classes.
  2. Resume Builder– Work experience is something they can add to a college application or even help them seek employment both during and after college.
  3. Confidence – A job can teach teens how to take pride in their work, get and give criticism, communicate better, and discover some of their strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Money Management – Once a teen must start spending their own hard-earned money, the real money management begins! By saving for college, contributing to a cell phone or car payment, a savings account, teens will learn valuable money skills that will stay with them forever.
  5. Time Management – This is a biggie and something that many people still struggle with. But it’s something that’s important for teens to learn early on. #Adulting as the hashtag goes isn’t an easy transition, but an important rite of passage.

When choosing a part-time or seasonal job, teens should approach their job search by asking themselves a few questions:

  1. Do I want to learn a skill?
  2. Is this in an area I’m interested in?
  3. Do the hours fit my schedule?
  4. If I need transportation, can I get there and be reliable?

A great way to kick off a part-time job search is by mentioning it to friends and family. They may already know of places hiring and they would be a great referral. A school guidance counselor may have a list of local businesses that are looking for high school students for part-time work. And of course, looking online on the various job boards is still an effective method. If they can’t find a suitable paying job, volunteer work is an option to get a foot in the door.

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Author: Melissa Root

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