Unexpected College Dorm Room Necessities You Didn’t Know You Needed


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It’s time to pack up and head off to Freshman year – but…what to bring?

Whether your college provides you with a checklist,  you Google it yourself, or just decide to wing it,  it’s bound to include the staples like a laptop, linens, toiletries, clothes, food, etc. But there are a few things you might not know you needed. You also might be so busy thinking about your class schedule, what your roommate will be like and what to wear on your first day, that you end up forgetting some things. 

Don’t worry though, we’ve compiled a list of unexpected, college dorm room necessities for you!

  • Wrinkle Spray – because who wants to bring an iron or has time for it
  • Umbrella – you’ll be glad you have it on you half mile trek to class in the pouring rain
  • Dry shampoo – Great for guys and girls when you don’t have time to shower before an early morning class
  • Bathrobe – Yes, they are still useful, especially when using a communal shower
  • Stain remover pen – nobody wants a coffee stain on their favorite hoodie
  • Mints – No one wants to sit next to the person in class with the coffee breath
  • Insulated coffee cup/water tumbler – hot or cold, it keeps you hydrated while going from class to class
  • Portable charger – If you can’t charge your phone in between classes, you’ll want to pack a portable charger to boost your battery
  • First Aid Kit – Avoid those trips to the nurse/infirmary by packing your own little first aid kit
  • Surge Protector – Because there are NEVER enough outlets and it protects your electronics
  • Water filter – If you aren’t used to city water or you are picky about how your water tastes, invest in a water filter vs. buying bottled water – it’s cheaper and most cost effective
  • Safe/Lockbox – While you should leave most of your valuables at home, you should have a way to lock up your important items in your dorm
  • Command Hooks – They don’t damage the walls and make hanging things a breeze
  • Extra linens and pillows – You don’t want to be stuck rotating the same set of sheets and blankets – and extra pillows always come in handy
  • Cleaning supplies – No one wants a messy roommate
  • Extra lighting – Dorms are known for bad lighting, an extra lamp can make those late-night study sessions much easier
  • Tool kit – You never know when you will need to fix something or put something together
  • Cables – Extra laptop, phone, HDMI, ethernet, etc. cables – you’ll be glad you have them
  • Storage – Pack some extra storage cubes because you will never have enough places to put things
  • Snacks – trust us, you’ll want them!

This isn’t a comprehensive list, but it’s a good start to make sure you have some of those unexpected items that you realize you can’t live without. To download Litchfield Bancorp’s Off to College Checklist – click here. We also offer a great Graduate Checking Account that’s perfect for young adults ages 16-26, learn more about our accounts here.

Laura Berendsohn

Laura Berendsohn
Washington Branch Manager, Assistant Vice President