Are rental properties REALLY a smart investment?

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Investment in rental properties, especially residential properties, is increasingly being seen as a hot new earnings opportunity.  In the wake of the economic down turn, as the rate of home ownership in the U.S. has fallen, the rental market has grown steadily.  With mortgage lending standards tighter and cash for potential home buyers more scarce, the number of renters has climbed, pushing rents ever higher in most Continue reading “Are rental properties REALLY a smart investment?”

5 small business start-up must do’s

We applaud the entrepreneurial spirit of those who take the plunge to start their own business. Whether you will be cleverly filling a retail niche or hanging a professional shingle, there are “must do’s” that apply to virtually all start-ups.

A key takeaway is that even if you are striking out on your own as a solo practitioner, you really do have to build a team to be effective and successful. Most of our tips involve making sure you have the right folks in place to support your nascent enterprise.

When planning your business, add these five “must do’s” to your agenda:

Continue reading “5 small business start-up must do’s”