Mortgage Underwriters – What they do and how they review your application

If you’ve purchased a home in the past few years, you’ve probably noticed that the mortgage underwriting process has become more robust and detailed compared to the early 2000’s. Making sure you dot all your i’s and cross all your t’s is an important part of making sure your mortgage application moves through the underwriting and approval process smoothly. So, it’s important to understand what underwriters are really looking at when they review your application. They are trained to spot financial mismanagement, and they are very detailed when it comes to reviewing your finances before approving or denying you for a home loan. Continue reading “Mortgage Underwriters – What they do and how they review your application”

Want to increase your sales? Learn how to read your customer’s and their personality type

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Whether you are a business owner, a salesperson, or a customer service representative, you’ve probably figured out that people hear, speak, and understand information very differently. Not surprising since every person is unique, BUT even though people make purchasing decisions very differently, they do it for the same reason. They either buy to gain pleasure or to avoid pain – that’s it!  HOW they come to those decisions and work through the process is determined by their personality.  To build those lasting relationships with customers and be able to close a sale, you must be able to read them and understand how they think and digest information. Continue reading “Want to increase your sales? Learn how to read your customer’s and their personality type”

What to expect during a home remodel

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With the overwhelming amount of DIY magazines, television shows, websites, and Pinterest boards, at some point you’ve probably decided that at least one room in your house needs remodeling. It’s hard not to get inspired by some of the unique and beautiful designs that you see, not to mention the improved functionality or space that you might gain. But what you don’t see behind the magazine pages or edited from the tv episode is what REALLY to expect from a home remodel. Remember, no matter how amazing the finished product looks or how much value is added to your home – you still have to live through the remodeling process – which for some may be daunting! Continue reading “What to expect during a home remodel”

I messed up my credit. How do I fix it?

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It’s something no one talks about. It’s right up there on the list of taboo items you don’t mention to other people, like your annual income and amount of debt you have or your credit score. The lower it is, the less likely you are to share that number with people. But you’d probably be surprised at how many people have made mistakes and witnessed the swan dive of their credit score. The important thing is to get it fixed as quickly as possible. Continue reading “I messed up my credit. How do I fix it?”

Should you offer free WiFi in your business?

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As a business owner, providing what your customers want is vital to your business. Businesses that boast high customer satisfaction rates go above and beyond delivering their product and/or service – it’s all about the perks.  For brick and mortar businesses, one of those perks is free WiFi!  More and more types of businesses — from fast-food restaurants to laundromats — are investing in fast, free internet service for their customers. Continue reading “Should you offer free WiFi in your business?”

New Home Owner? How much should you budget for home repairs?

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In all the excitement of purchasing a new home, many first-time buyers often overlook the maintenance and repair costs that come along with owning a home. If you’ve been renting for years, your rent included any costs associated with repairing a leaking pipe or replacing a refrigerator that stopped working. But when you own your own home, all those costs fall on you. Continue reading “New Home Owner? How much should you budget for home repairs?”

Why your high school student should have a summer or part time job

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Warning: Depending on your child’s hobbies and interests, suggesting they seek employment for the Summer Break and beyond may result in glares, the silent treatment, and resistance.

Some high schoolers love the idea of working to make some extra money, while others think it’s a fate worse than death. However, summer break is a great time to enter the job market and earn money to put towards buying a car, college tuition, paying a cell phone bill, or even simply building a savings account. A job or internship can also be added to those college apps to show work experience and new skills – not to mention they may discover a passion or future career.    Continue reading “Why your high school student should have a summer or part time job”

Card limits and why you can’t spend all your money whenever you want to

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Everyone knows that credit cards come with a credit limit, the maximum amount of money you can charge on the card. However, what’s not as widely known, is that credit card issuers don’t intend for you to max out your credit card by charging up to the credit limit. As you come closer to your credit limit, it can start to have negative effects on your credit score.  Love it or not, much depends on the almighty credit score – from buying a home to getting a good rate on insurance and even employment for some professions. Continue reading “Card limits and why you can’t spend all your money whenever you want to”