Young Financiers Workshop

Our Young Financiers curriculum introduces students to the financial information they need to be productive, money concious adults. It includes information on credit, debt, savings, budgeting, identity awareness, financial planning and taxes.

If you'd like one of our Staff to present one of the below topics as a guest speaker to your students, please contact one of our local branches for more information.

Young Financiers Curriculum

Lesson 1 - The Power of Saving

  • Students will learn about simple savings plans and the importance of compound interest
  • Tips on earning money - what options and resources are available to help students earn money

Lesson 2 - The Importance of Budgets

  • Students will learn how critical budgets are in everyday life
  • Real life examples will show how to budget for a car, an apartment, and going off to college

Lesson 3 - Analyzing Your Net and Gross Pay

  • Students will learn about different payroll deductions
  • We'll talk about take home pay and tax responsibilities

Lesson 4 - Why You Need Good Credit

  • Students will learn about loans - the advantages and dangers
  • We will talk about credit scores, their effect on finances, and when to get a credit card

Lesson 5 - How To Stay Out of Debt

  • Students will learn what debt is, how it occurs and how to stay out of it
  • We'll explore when it makes sense to borrow money, and what actions you can take to alleviate debt

Lesson 6 - Protecting Your Identity

  • Students will learn the dangers of ID theft, and what to do if your ID has been stolen
  • We'll talk about simple and easy ways to protect your ID and sensitive information

Lesson 7 - What is Financial Planning

  • Students will learn what investing means
  • Well explain basic 401ks and IRAs and how to use them

Lesson 8 - Financial Forces You Can't Avoid

  • Students will learn a basic overview of what taxes are and why you must pay them
  • We'll talk about inflation, how it works, and its effect on everyday items

Lesson 9 - Graduation

  • Each student will receive a Certificate of Completion from Litchfield Bancorp - A Division of Northwest Community Bank