Ready to switch to a Litchfield Bancorp Checking and Savings account?

We make it easy - We do the work for you!

With 5 conveniently located branches in Litchfield County - we make it easy for you to switch to a new Checking and Savings Account. From new checks, ATM/Debit card, switching over your Bill Pay, to helping you download our mobile app - you will be ready to shop & save in no time!

Not sure which Checking Account is right for you? Visit our business accounts comparison page or our personal accounts comparison page - there's the perfect account from students to retirees.

Meet Our Account Team

Tiffany Hussey Tiffany Hussey Litchfield Branch Assistant Branch Manager phone_icon 860.567.9401
Barbara Bartholomew Barbara Bartholomew Litchfield Branch Customer Service Representative phone_icon 860.567.9401
Laura Murphy Laura Murphy Torrington Branch Assistant Branch Manager phone_icon 860.393.9173
Jane Vannini Jane Vannini Watertown Branch Assistant Branch Manager phone_icon 860.393.9176
Joy Sherwood Joy Sherwood Lakeville Branch Assistant Branch Manager phone_icon 860.435.9828
Valerie Kalognomos Valerie Kalognomos Washington Branch Washington Branch Supervisor phone_icon 860.868.7301