The Litchfield Bancorp Advantage

Everything you need for a satisfying banking experience

When you bank with us, you enjoy a comprehensive suite of products comparable to what you'd find at a big bank, but with better terms and unmatched local customer service. What makes us better? We are glad you asked ...

  • Better rates: Our rates beat the big banks. Local decision makers are here to answer your questions and expedite the approval process.
  • Community investment: We've been helping grow Litchfield County for more than 165 years. We live here, invest here, and raise our families here. When you succeed, we succeed.
  • No-hassle switching: Not satisfied with your current bank but dreading the process of switching? Relax! Contact one of our ACCOUNT SPECIALISTS today. They make it easy!
  • 24/7 coverage: Whether you prefer banking online or at the ATM, our sophisticated suite of options lets you bank wherever, whenever. And you can rest comfortably knowing we are here for you in person if you need us.

Convenience Services

  • ATM Card: A Litchfield Bancorp ATM Card offers you convenient access to your funds 24 hours a day. Withdrawals, transfers, or balances inquiries can be made at any NYCE or CIRRUS terminal. You can make deposits, withdrawals and transfers at any Litchfield Bancorp ATM.
  • Direct Deposit: Direct Deposit ensures your funds are protected from theft or loss, and confidentiality is guaranteed. It’s the quickest way to access your paycheck or Social Security check.
  • Wire Transfers: When you need to transfer funds as quickly as possible, Litchfield Bancorp can wire transfer funds to financial institutions internationally and within the United States from your Litchfield Bancorp statement savings or checking account. Before sending a wire transfer please look out for these RED FLAGS.
  • Safe Deposit Boxes: Safe Deposit Boxes are available at our Litchfield and Lakeville offices.
  • MasterCard Personal Cards: The only cards you’ll need in your wallet. No annual fee, competitive APR, extraordinary benefits, and so much more. Choose the card that fits your needs. Applications are available at any of our office locations.
  • Cashiers Checks and Money Orders: Cashiers Checks and Money Orders were developed for customers who only occasionally have bill-paying requirements. Cashiers Checks can be issued for any dollar amount, however there is $1,000 maximum limit on Money Orders. A copy of each check is also provided for accurate record keeping.
  • U.S. Savings Bonds: May be redeemed at any of our office locations
  • Night Deposit Services: Litchfield Bancorp customers can make night deposits at all of our branch offices.
  • Notary Services: All branches of Litchfield Bancorp provide Notary Services.
  • Consumer Credit Cards: "Your Bank…Your Card" - with worldwide acceptance, no annual fee, and a low introductory rate, this credit card offers you the freedom to make purchases where you want, when you want with flexible rewards options. For more information on the Consumer Credit Card we offer through TIB, or stop in one of our branches today to pick up an application!

Litchfield Bancorp…the small bank with the BIG customer experience