We’re not just a bank, we’re your neighbor

Every bank has a tag line, a motto, a mission – some even have fancy jingles – you know the ones that run through your brain at 2am and won’t leave?  At Litchfield Bancorp we are pretty down to earth – no fancy jingles here keeping you up at night.   Our culture and our team, we are just normal people – we are your neighbors.  We do the same things you do – from Chairman of the Board to our top notch tellers – yes, we are just like you.

Back to tag lines, ours is “Every Customer Counts”.  This may sound cliché, but for 165 years, this saying has been the driving force behind everything that we do.

Here’s what I mean….

At Litchfield Bancorp, our employees live, work, and volunteer in the community.  We are part of the fabric of life in Litchfield County.

You’ll find us shopping at the local grocery store, spot us on athletic fields coaching Little League games.

You’ll find us sitting on local boards and commissions in the cities and towns where we live, participating in the Democratic process to improve our hometowns.

You’ll find us volunteering at bank-sponsored events in the community giving our time to causes we care about.

You’ll find us presiding over the meetings of nonprofits and charity groups, strategizing ways to best address the needs in our communities.

You’ll even find us battling blazes in the middle of the night as volunteer firefighters Or collecting old tired sneakers at the Litchfield Hills Road Race so they can be recycled into cool new playgrounds for our children.   

Our commitment to the community extends to helping you with all your banking needs. Because Litchfield Bancorp has small town roots, we take pride in the service and care we offer our customers. Many of our employees have spent most of their careers working at Litchfield Bancorp building relationships and making friends.

But if you really want to know what Every Customer Counts feels like, stop by our Litchfield office or one of our branches in Lakeville, Watertown, Washington and Torrington, or call me at 860-393-9150.

Paul McLaughlin – COO, and believer in our Motto

Author: Paul McLaughlin

Paul McLaughlin is thoroughly familiar with the workings of Litchfield Bancorp. He started his career at the Bank as a teller in 1990 and was soon promoted to customer service representative and mortgage originator. Paul was then named manager of Litchfield Bancorp's Washington office in 1995 and, two years later, was promoted to assistant vice president and manager of the Oakville office. As vice president for retail banking, a promotion Paul earned in 2002, he became responsible for all sales and marketing - including training, product development and customer service - for the bank's five-branch network. In 2005, Paul completed a program at the highly regarded American Bankers Association's School of Bank Marketing and Management. In 2009, he was named senior vice president at the bank and in 2013, was also promoted to Chief Operating Officer. Paul is an active community volunteer. He served as chairman of the 2008 United Way fundraising campaign for Northwest Connecticut and continues to reflect the Bank’s deep commitment to community service.

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