How to Boost Workplace Positivity

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Have you noticed that smiling (and yawning) are contagious and not just when passing someone in the grocery store or holding the door open at your local coffee shop, but at the workplace too. We spend so many hours of our lives at work and with our coworkers, often more than we do with our families and friends. In general, people tend to gravitate towards positive and happy people and avoid the grumpy and negative people. If you’ve made a resolution this year to rid yourself of negativity and be more positive, here are some awesome phrases you can start using in the workplace to help show your appreciation, encouragement, and even trust in others. Management role not required to use these!

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Non-Profits: Setting expectations with your Board of Directors

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You’ve been asked to sit on a Non-Profit Board of Directors – but do you really know what that entails?  Did the Executive Director set some clear expectations with you?  If the answer to both of those questions is “No” – you aren’t alone. 

Non-profit CEOs and Executive teams often struggle with board members either not meshing with their culture/core values or the most popular complaint is “They just aren’t active”.

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Moving Beyond Bricks and Mortar — How to Attract and Retain a Virtual Workforce

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Technology – it makes us faster, more efficient and at times can drive us crazy!  When it comes to your team and work culture, technology has enabled us to grow remotely.   We’re no longer tied to a particular location or a specific device. We can work from anywhere, at any time, in any way that lets us meet our job requirements. If you’re an employer, have you considered having a remote workforce? Continue reading “Moving Beyond Bricks and Mortar — How to Attract and Retain a Virtual Workforce”

Giving Back…It’s just part of our Culture here at Litchfield Bancorp.

Like many businesses here in Northwest Connecticut, Litchfield Bancorp is asked to donate to and support local non-profits, community development projects and schools in our area. Of course, giving back is important to ensure these organizations are able to fiscally thrive, but to us here at LBC it’s far more than that. Continue reading “Giving Back…It’s just part of our Culture here at Litchfield Bancorp.”