Business Tips: How to Negotiate Virtually Anything!

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The art of negotiation is arguably one of the most valuable life and business skills you can have. To some, it comes naturally. They are born with a skilled way of communicating that not only makes people relent, but they are happy to do so. For others, negotiating is both terrifying and difficult.

But not to worry, this skill can actually be developed by anyone simply by using the tips below:

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Vendor Management 101

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Most businesses use a variety of vendors to fill skill gaps within their company,  in fact many of the vendors used are critical to your day to day operations.   Vendors include services such as computer and IT support, bookkeeping, or even a graphic designer and writer. Many are key parts of your supply chain, so it’s critical they are well chosen and well managed.

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Mortgage Underwriters – What they do and how they review your application

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If you’ve purchased a home in the past few years, you’ve probably noticed that the mortgage underwriting process has become more robust and detailed compared to the early 2000’s. Making sure you dot all your i’s and cross all your t’s is an important part of making sure your mortgage application moves through the underwriting and approval process smoothly. So, it’s important to understand what underwriters are really looking at when they review your application. They are trained to spot financial mismanagement, and they are very detailed when it comes to reviewing your finances before approving or denying you for a home loan. Continue reading “Mortgage Underwriters – What they do and how they review your application”