Mortgage Pre-Qualification vs. Pre-Approval – Know the difference!

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Although they sound interchangeable, a pre-qualification and a pre-approval for a loan are two very, very different processes.  Not understanding the difference can often lead to missed opportunities when you are buying a home. Continue reading “Mortgage Pre-Qualification vs. Pre-Approval – Know the difference!”

DIY Real Estate: Should You Sell Your House Yourself?

In an age when traditional markets everywhere are being disrupted by internet innovations, it’s tempting for home sellers to try to go it alone, use the web and forgo the services of a real estate agent. A slew of online sites offering advice, assistance and exposure make it now seem even more appealing.  This new realm of Do-It-Yourself realty, known by the shorthand FSBO (i.e., For Sale By Owner, pronounced “fizzbo”) has become increasingly popular and has delivered real value to millions of home sellers.  There is even a website dedicated to serving DIY home sellers called, not surprisingly, For Sale By Owner. But as with many other exciting new things on the web, the results don’t always live up to the buzz.  FSBO home sales are not without their downsides.  The real question is, as ever, “Is it right for me?” Continue reading “DIY Real Estate: Should You Sell Your House Yourself?”