The Importance of Having Proper Insurance Coverage

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When it comes to insurance, it’s one of those things that many people have a love hate relationship with. It’s great when you need it, but it’s often one of those expenses many people see as an opportunity to skimp on to save a few bucks. Afterall, how often do you really make a claim? If you don’t have the right coverage, it could cost you thousands!

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The Importance of Total Consumer Health

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If I told you that a third of consumers  admit that their knowledge of health insurance is lacking, would you be surprised? As insurance and health care becomes more and more complicated, with High Deductible Plans, Health Savings Accounts, Point of Service Plans, Preferred Provider Organizations Plans, copays, coinsurance, deductibles, premiums, etc., it’s no wonder people can’t keep up.

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What is a Home Warranty and How Does it Work?

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When it comes to buying a home, most people understand the importance of having homeowner’s insurance, but few people are actually familiar with a home warranty and how it works.

The simple answer is:  A home warranty is a yearly service contract that protects specific home systems and appliances.

Your home’s systems and appliances will inevitably break down over time. A home warranty provides you with some protection when those systems and appliances eventually stop working. Many first-time homebuyers find a home warranty to be an extra layer of protection when extra funds are in short supply during those first few years of homeownership.

How does a home warranty work?

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Back to School and Insurance – is your college student covered under your policies?

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Heading off to your first semester of college can be both an exciting and emotional time, and not just for the student! One often overlooked item is insurance. Should your college student remain on the family’s auto policy? Are their personal belongings covered if there is a fire or theft in the dorm, or they lose them? What happens if they are sick and need to see a doctor, are they covered?

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The Effect of Telemedicine in Today’s Health Care Marketplace

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Health care as we know it is changing and due to the political nature of the subject matter, no one can really predict where we will be over the next couple of years.  What we DO know is that technology is becoming increasingly an option to serve the public and save dollars for both the patient and the industry as a whole.  Telemedicine is one such technology that was once an option only for the minority– private physicians on call for the wealthy or delivering medical access to people living in remote areas – but has now become very widespread to just about any demographic.

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Homeowner’s Insurance 101 – What you need to know

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Odds are that your home is the single most valuable investment that you own and the largest line item on your monthly budget. So, it only makes sense that you’d want to make sure it’s protected.  What’s surprising is that many homeowners never think twice about their homeowner’s insurance policy, let alone read and understand it. They know how much it costs each year but probably couldn’t tell you what’s covered and the limits. BUT, knowing what is covered and what’s not can make all the difference when disaster strikes. Continue reading “Homeowner’s Insurance 101 – What you need to know”

September is National Preparedness Month. How is your business preparing?

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If you haven’t heard about National Preparedness Month, which was started in 2004, now it the perfect time to learn about it and implement some of the key principles within your business. Even though the whole month of September is designated as National Preparedness Month, that doesn’t mean you should only revisit your emergency plans at that time, it’s a yearlong endeavor that takes some organization and teamwork. Even with warnings from the news and weather channels, you still never truly know when disaster will strike and the severity of the situation.    Continue reading “September is National Preparedness Month. How is your business preparing?”

Health Savings Accounts in 2017 — Your Questions Answered

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It’s certain that the next few years will see some significant changes in the American health insurance system. With price fluctuations and carriers coming in and out of the market, it’s been difficult for families to budget.  Currently, there is one program that will help you reduce monthly fees and get a tax break: Health Savings Account (HSA). Here’s what you need to know about HSAs, and how they’re changing in 2017. Continue reading “Health Savings Accounts in 2017 — Your Questions Answered”

Estate Planning, Part 3 – Finding a Caring Environment for Elderly Parents

For families who are approaching that point in life when elderly parents are less and less able to care for themselves and increasingly in need of help, the task of deciding what to do and when to do it can produce wildly conflicted emotions—if not outright conflict—on all sides. But it need not. Confronting the need for new living arrangements forthrightly with all parties involved and at an early point in the aging process can help alleviate many of these issues, but the decisions can still be difficult, for the parents and for their adult children. To ease the potential for trauma—and drama—there are some things you can do. Continue reading “Estate Planning, Part 3 – Finding a Caring Environment for Elderly Parents”

Estate Planning Part 2 – Helping Your Parents Get Their Affairs in Order

One of the hardest tasks the adult children of elderly parents may have to do is to involve themselves in the legal and financial affairs of the parents. Issues of privacy, independence and judgment can quickly bubble to the surface and make a difficult situation worse. But it is important for everyone involved that these issues be clarified, especially if a parents’ memory and/or physical capacity are in decline. The financial and emotional well-being of the parents, the children, and the grand-children are often at stake. Continue reading “Estate Planning Part 2 – Helping Your Parents Get Their Affairs in Order”