Safety in the Workplace – the effects of fatigue and lack of sleep

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Workplace accidents are inevitable.  However, some industries can be more prone to incidents due to long shift hours or shifts that are outside of the traditional 1st shift hours of 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Long hours coupled with short sleep duration and sleep disturbances often lead to higher risk of mistakes and mishaps. However, many accidents are avoidable when employees are alert, focused and fully engaged while performing tasks.

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4 things to check when hiring new employees

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With the unemployment rate at an all-time low and more jobs available than qualified people, hiring managers are having a hard time filling open positions with qualified candidates. With the use of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), employers can use technology to weed through hundreds, sometimes thousands of applications to try to find the best candidates in the quickest and easiest way. Continue reading “4 things to check when hiring new employees”

September is National Preparedness Month. How is your business preparing?

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If you haven’t heard about National Preparedness Month, which was started in 2004, now it the perfect time to learn about it and implement some of the key principles within your business. Even though the whole month of September is designated as National Preparedness Month, that doesn’t mean you should only revisit your emergency plans at that time, it’s a yearlong endeavor that takes some organization and teamwork. Even with warnings from the news and weather channels, you still never truly know when disaster will strike and the severity of the situation.    Continue reading “September is National Preparedness Month. How is your business preparing?”

The End of the Cubicle?

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The modern workplace is changing, and it’s to the benefit of everyone. Employers know their competitive advantage is driven most by the quality of their employees, so they want to attract and keep top talent.  In addition to changes in culture and flexible working arrangements the actual footprints of offices are beginning to change – the open floor plan and communal think tank environments.  Is it the end of the cubicle? Continue reading “The End of the Cubicle?”

Handling Conflict in Your Family Owned Business

Conflicts are a normal part of every business, but family-owned businesses present a unique set of challenges. It’s quite common for business issues to spill to the family realm and vice versa, infecting both types of relationships.

Dealing with these complex relationship issues should be a fundamental part of your business plan. The problems are inevitable, so plan for them in advance. Continue reading “Handling Conflict in Your Family Owned Business”