Buying vs Leasing Your Next Vehicle

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Owning a vehicle is no longer a luxury but a necessity for most people. Many of us work in places where vehicles are required to get around, especially in Litchfield County were public transportation really doesn’t exist. You will most likely need to purchase a vehicle that costs more money than you have on hand in your savings account. So, the question is, “Should I buy or lease a vehicle?” Continue reading “Buying vs Leasing Your Next Vehicle”

5 reasons buying your commercial office space makes sense

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You’ve probably asked yourself the question “Should I lease, or should I buy” in the past when it came time to get a new car or decide on where you wanted to live. But, it’s also a question to ask yourself if you own your own business. If you’ve been struggling to find a rent that fits your needs, dealt with increased rent year after year, or you’ve outgrown your current space – it may be time to investigate buying your own space. Purchasing commercial real estate is a big step that can have far reaching impacts on your business’ cash flow, balance sheet, and funding options, so it does require some serious thought. If you have the capital, here’s why now is the time to act.

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