Simple and Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

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When it comes to doing your part to help save the Earth, a little goes a long way. Even though we only celebrate Earth Day once a year, there are a lot of lifestyle changes that you can make that are simple and easy and will benefit Mother Earth all year long.

Now, if you live in CT, chances are you have already started using your reusable bags instead of paying 10 cents for a plastic bag. But here are some other great ways to do your part in helping to save the Earth.

  • Give your home a “green” makeover. This can be as simple as installing LED lightbulbs or a new smart thermostat or as complex as installing solar panels.  Check with your town, as many offer programs with financial assistance.
  • Reduce your water consumption. When brushing your teeth or scrubbing pots and pans, turn off the water when not in use. You can also take shorter showers or use ice cubes in your water instead of waiting for tap water to get colder.
  • Go paperless. Most of your monthly bills and statements can be sent electronically vs. in the mail. Sign up for the paperless option as much as possible. You can sign up for Litchfield Bancorp e-statements by CLICKING HERE.
  • Sign up for eBooks. You can get everything from newspapers to books on digital devices like iPad or Kindles. Reduce your paper consumption by getting your news and entertainment digitally.
  • Unplug. Unplug electronics in your home that aren’t used frequently or while you’re on vacation to save energy. 
  • Create your own garden. From growing your own produce to creating a habitat for small creatures, having a garden can save you money and also give back to nature.
  • Shop local. When you buy locally grown food or products, you are not only supporting a small business but also reducing the demand for items that need to be shipped in on emission producing transportation.
  • Cook. When you cook at home vs. getting takeout, you reduce the amount of waste from disposable plastic packaging, utensils, bags, etc.
  • Repurpose jars. Instead of throwing out jelly jars repurpose them to house household items like change, screws, buttons, or even use them as glasses to drink from.
  • Bulk buying.  Reduce a lot of waste by taking advantage of new bulk buying stores that are popping up.  Bring in your bags and jars, and fill them with what you need versus buying pre-packaged products. 
  • Secondhand items. Have a tag sale to find new homes for your unwanted items and/or purchase items for yourself from secondhand stores. This reduces the number of items that are thrown into landfills each day.
  • Walk or bike. Instead of driving to work, walk or bike if possible. You can also go for a walk, hike, or bike ride instead of taking a scenic drive – and its good exercise.

Whether you choose one item from the list or all of them, no effort is too big or too small when it comes to being more eco-friendly. These are just a few easy ways to do your part, but there are so many other ways to contribute.

If you have questions about signing up for our e-statements, give us a call or stop in, we’re happy to help. Happy Earthy Day!


Laura Murphy
Branch Manager – Torrington