Our Sportsmen’s Family!


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If you live in the Litchfield area and are an athlete or have children who play sports then you know Jenn and Jay Cherosnick, proud owners of Sportsmen’s   – they are just part of the local fabric!

The Cherosnick’s have been clients of Litchfield Bancorp for over 7 years – we helped them with the financing for their home and the commercial property for their business.  It’s been exciting watching their business grow and I’m thrilled to have them join us in our Locally Owned, Locally Grown campaign here at the bank!

It’s all about being local.  “Paul and his entire team are just fantastic!”, says Jay and Jenn.  “There are so many advantages to banking locally.  We have a relationship with the Bancorp family that you simply cannot get with a national bank. They know us, they know our kids, they know the whole Sportsmen’s family, including our dog. That means so much!”

Whether you’re a running in the next Litchfield Hills Road Race and need a new pair of running shoes or your daughter needs a new field hockey stick – don’t forget to stop by Sportsmen’s and tell them I said hi!   They are truly Locally grown and locally owned and one of our favorite clients here at Litchfield Bancorp!

Listen to the WZBG radio spot we did with Sportsmen’s here:

Paul A. McLaughlin, Jr
Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

Author: Paul McLaughlin

Paul McLaughlin is thoroughly familiar with the workings of Litchfield Bancorp. He started his career at the Bank as a teller in 1990 and was soon promoted to customer service representative and mortgage originator. Paul was then named manager of Litchfield Bancorp's Washington office in 1995 and, two years later, was promoted to assistant vice president and manager of the Oakville office. As vice president for retail banking, a promotion Paul earned in 2002, he became responsible for all sales and marketing - including training, product development and customer service - for the bank's five-branch network. In 2005, Paul completed a program at the highly regarded American Bankers Association's School of Bank Marketing and Management. In 2009, he was named senior vice president at the bank and in 2013, was also promoted to Chief Operating Officer. Paul is an active community volunteer. He served as chairman of the 2008 United Way fundraising campaign for Northwest Connecticut and continues to reflect the Bank’s deep commitment to community service.