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Like the rest of the world, we love technology here at Litchfield Bancorp.  We know our clients are mobile and need to access their financial information on their terms…not ours. 

We are constantly updating our Mobile Banking App, available in both the iTunes and Google Play App stores. If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s pretty cool and easy to use. It puts the convenience of mobile banking at your fingertips! The app is free of course, and lets you securely access your account information 24/7 from anywhere using your mobile device.

Some of the features include:

  • Checking account balances
  • Viewing account history
  • Transferring funds between accounts (person to person and bank to bank accounts)
  • Paying bills and scheduling payments
  • Locating nearby LBC branches and ATMs
  • Receiving secure mail alerts
  • Deactivating or activating your Debit MasterCard
  • Remote Deposit – Scan any checks up to $2,500 and deposit right into your account! (Limit of $5,000 per month in total deposits)

Getting started is easy. All you need to do is enroll in online banking if you haven’t already, then download our mobile app for iPhone or Android phones or tablets!

BUT, that’s not the only cellphone app that can help you manage your Litchfield Bancorp accounts. You may have seen or heard about the My Mobile Money Access  app before, but aren’t really sure how to use it or what makes it different from our regular app. It’s still FREE, but it allows you to control and monitor your Litchfield Bancorp debit card use – anywhere and anytime – from your mobile phone. One of the best features to prevent fraudulent activity is Transaction Alerts! You can set your own custom alerts to monitor your activity at all times.

Here’s a few sample alerts:

  • Card Activity
  • Card Status Changes
  • Low Balance
  • Spending Limits Reached
  • International Transactions
  • Purchased made in specific categories

All these alerts can easily be set up with the tips of your fingers! Give it a try – visit the iTunes or Google Play app store and download the My Mobile Money Access app today.

However, as with all apps, it pays to be safe and take precautions when using your debit card, just as you would with your credit cards. To help you stay safe, here are a few easy tips to help you bank safely from the comfort of your smartphone.

Only use official apps

This may seem slightly silly, but make sure that you’ve downloaded the official app from your bank.

Keep the app updated

This piece of advice goes for all applications that you install, but with banking or credit card apps it is even more important. With each update, the developer may have included increased security defenses, which if you haven’t updated to, could leave you exposed.

Set alerts

Search for this option in the app, which means your bank will send you an alert every time money has been lodged or removed from the account. This will allow you to spot any discrepancies before it’s too late.

Log out when not in use

When you have finished using the app, it is very important that you log out of the app. This will help protect you in the event your phone ends up in the wrong hands.

Use a phone tracker

Getting a phone tracking app is an efficient way of remotely deleting information from your device in case you lose it, or it is stolen. Many have them automatically downloaded, you just need to ensure it’s activated.

It’s time to get mobile and have the freedom to bank when you want and where you want!   If you need someone to help you set up your mobile applications, you can stop into any branch and we can get you started!

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Tiffany Hussey
Assistant Branch Manager
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