Keeping up with Technology – the struggle is REAL!


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If you subscribe to our emails (you can sign up here), you’ve probably seen a lot of information over the past year about security updates, fraud alerts, and the ways in which Litchfield Bancorp is constantly making upgrades in order to better serve you and keep your information safe. It’s not an easy job to keep up with technology and its rapid pace, but it’s a necessity that we take very seriously here at the bank.

It’s no secret that companies are moving rapidly to embrace digital advances, and we are no different. Everything we do all comes back to making things easier for our customers and keeping up with technology. Our website is great example – not only did we make it ADA compliant so people with disabilities can easily navigate it, but it’s also mobile responsive since more and more people are using mobile devices to access the internet vs. a computer.

Did you know there are over three billion people on the internet today; as an organization, it’s important to remain current on technology. Perhaps you’ve noticed we made some changes to our mobile banking over the past year. It wasn’t by chance or to just fix an issue, it’s because mobile banking is rising quickly. According to a March 2016 report from the Federal Reserve System, 43 percent of mobile phone owners with a bank account used phones to bank — up from 39 percent the year before.

We do it all for a reason – and that reason is you. We are changing along with our customers’ habits. Mobile banking has taken over many daily transactions that used to happen in the branches – and that’s OK, we understand the convenience and ease of mobile or online banking. However, we do love the chance to see your smiling faces when you come in to talk about other products or services.

Every industry has its own challenges when it comes to technology, but banking can get really tricky. Without going into specifics, the real struggle comes from trying to keep up with all the latest advances, but also protecting your data. Hackers have kicked it into overdrive, not only trying to steal your credit and debit card information, but accessing your personal information to steal your identity, and hack in at the retail level to steal credit card data in bulk. As hackers get more savvy, so must we.

From chip cards to fraud protection, we do our best to protect you. Want to get potential fraud alerts before they are approved – we’ve got you covered! Download the My Mobile Money Access App. So, while it may seem like we are constantly making changes after you just became familiar with the last change, it’s all part of keeping up with technology and making the experience better and safer for you!

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Paul A. McLaughlin, Jr
Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

Author: Paul McLaughlin

Paul McLaughlin is thoroughly familiar with the workings of Litchfield Bancorp. He started his career at the Bank as a teller in 1990 and was soon promoted to customer service representative and mortgage originator. Paul was then named manager of Litchfield Bancorp's Washington office in 1995 and, two years later, was promoted to assistant vice president and manager of the Oakville office. As vice president for retail banking, a promotion Paul earned in 2002, he became responsible for all sales and marketing - including training, product development and customer service - for the bank's five-branch network. In 2005, Paul completed a program at the highly regarded American Bankers Association's School of Bank Marketing and Management. In 2009, he was named senior vice president at the bank and in 2013, was also promoted to Chief Operating Officer. Paul is an active community volunteer. He served as chairman of the 2008 United Way fundraising campaign for Northwest Connecticut and continues to reflect the Bank’s deep commitment to community service.