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With the popularity and ease, it’s no surprise that online fundraising raises millions of dollars in charitable giving for the nonprofit industry every year. To increase your donations, it’s important to provide your donors a variety of ways they can help support your organization.

Taking advantage of every donation opportunity is an important priority for any nonprofit organization. If you’re planning to grow your donation growth for the next fiscal year, here are five tips that may help.

  1. Accept Credit Card and Debit Card Donations. With the popularity of online buying and banking, donating via an online processing system is the quickest and easiest way for people to help to your non-profit financially. Choosing a payment system that is both secure and simple to use will encourage donors to contribute to your cause. Want to encourage on the spot donations at an event? Simple – most online payment platforms like Stripe or Square just require a smartphone or laptop and a few easy to follow steps.
  2. Set Up Auto-Recurring Donations. While one-time donations are still the most common type of giving, sustained giving or automatic-recurring donation programs continue to increase in popularity. Not only does it increase your donations, but the recurring income also helps your nonprofit organization better forecast and plan their organizational spending. You can also typically use the same platform you are already using for credit/debit card donations to start accepting recurring donations – just set up the amount and frequency, or let your donors choose their own options.
  3. Track the data and the milestones. Nothing lets people know you care more than  celebrating their personal milestones with them. You should know how much people contribute monthly, quarterly, yearly, when their birthdays or anniversaries are and how long they have been a donor. If you can’t answer these questions, you’re missing out on opportunities that come for proactively managing your donor information. If you use an online donation software, you should be able to easily track and keep all this information in one place. It may seem trivial, but something as simple as sending a birthday card to your donors might be just the thing that helps them decide to increase their monthly contribution or attend an upcoming event.
  4. Make it SIMPLE. When people are willing to give time or money to a cause, the most important thing is to keep it simple and easy. There’s nothing more frustrating for donors than having to navigate a complicated giving process. The more steps in the process, the more chances you have to lose a potential donor who got frustrated or confused. By using online donation software, you can link the “Donate” buttons on your website to secure online donation forms. Your potential donor can create an account for easy future donations, do a one-time donation, or even set up a recurring donation.
  5. Share your plans. Make sure your donors know exactly how their money is going to be used. People like to know that their money is making a difference. If you have multiple campaigns going at once, consider allowing your donors to designate which fund they would like to contribute to. Your donors will feel more involved if they can choose which of your projects, they want their money used. Knowing that their donation is being spent to their liking builds trust with your organization and encourages future donations.

Non-profits are near and dear to our hearts here at Litchfield Bancorp. If you have questions about setting up the right bank accounts or about how our Treasury Management Services can help you and your organization, don’t hesitate to give us a call.


Christine Bascetta-Gath
Senior Vice President, Chief Lending Officer

Author: Christine Bascetta-Gath

Senior Vice President, Commercial Lender Christine Bascetta-Gath began her banking career in 2010 and since then she has worked in multiple areas of commercial banking. Prior to Litchfield Bancorp, Christine was Vice President & Commercial/Wholesale Banker at United Bank. Prior to that, Christine was responsible for determining the lending needs and banking services for existing and potential customers, as well as aiding in a $30MM loan growth over a two year span at Torrington Savings Bank. Christine graduated from the University of Chicago with a MA degree and a BA from Clark University. She is also a graduate of Connecticut School of Finance and Management. Christine spends her free time outdoors, at the gym, and enjoying quality time with her family