How to Boost Workplace Positivity

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Have you noticed that smiling (and yawning) are contagious and not just when passing someone in the grocery store or holding the door open at your local coffee shop, but at the workplace too. We spend so many hours of our lives at work and with our coworkers, often more than we do with our families and friends. In general, people tend to gravitate towards positive and happy people and avoid the grumpy and negative people. If you’ve made a resolution this year to rid yourself of negativity and be more positive, here are some awesome phrases you can start using in the workplace to help show your appreciation, encouragement, and even trust in others. Management role not required to use these!

Expressing praise and appreciation doesn’t need to come from the top – it can from peers and co-workers too. Here are some great phrases to let those around you know you value them

  • Having you as part of the team makes a huge difference.
  • Working with you makes my job easier – you are great at what you do and I’m glad I get to work with you.
  • I absolutely love how you handled that
  • You do X so [easily/well/efficiently]  I’d love some tips

Looking to boost someone’s morale or show encouragement, try using some of these phrases. You’d be surprised how one little comment or statement can really provide affirmation and rid someone of self-doubt.

  • I trust your judgement.
  • This is a tough [project/assignment/customer/task]
  • but working with you had made it so much easier.
  • I’m confident in your abilities to get the job done.
  • You are so reliable and dependable, thanks for always being consistent.

If you are in a leadership role, you know that getting feedback can be hard – especially honest feedback. But asking certain questions can help you find out more about your team and how to make their work life better and more productive – a win for everyone.

  • How can I make things better – what can I do to help?
  • My door is always open, I’d rather you bring something to my attention early one so we can solve the issue together.
  • What parts of your job do you love and what do you hate? Everyone has different talents so let’s play to those.
  • Nothing makes me happier than seeing my team succeed and being promoted. Let’s talk about your goals and career path and work on achieving those.
  • What obstacles are in your way from being successful at your job?

Two powerful feelings when it comes to the workplace are inspiration/motivation and being trusted. Taking ownership of failures, asking for advice, and making someone feel involved are great ways to foster positive work environments.

  • That was all my fault, I’m sorry.
  • What can we do better next time? I really want your opinion on X.
  • Can you take a look at X for me quickly, I really value your feedback before I submit this.
  • You know a lot about X, can you explain it to me, I want to learn from you.

You might look at this list and think these are really simple and easy, and you are right! It’s amazing how just a few small words can completely change both your outlook and those around you. As long as you are genuine, you’ll find that the positivity will become contagious. At Litchfield Bancorp we know how important a great culture and team are to success. Try some of these phrases out and let me know how they worked. I’d also love to hear any others that worked well for you!

Paul A. McLaughlin, Jr
Executive Vice President, Chief Retail Banking Officer

Author: Paul McLaughlin

Paul McLaughlin is thoroughly familiar with the workings of Litchfield Bancorp. He started his career at the Bank as a teller in 1990 and was soon promoted to customer service representative and mortgage originator. Paul was then named manager of Litchfield Bancorp's Washington office in 1995 and, two years later, was promoted to assistant vice president and manager of the Oakville office. As vice president for retail banking, a promotion Paul earned in 2002, he became responsible for all sales and marketing - including training, product development and customer service - for the bank's five-branch network. In 2005, Paul completed a program at the highly regarded American Bankers Association's School of Bank Marketing and Management. In 2009, he was named senior vice president at the bank and in 2013, was also promoted to Chief Operating Officer. Paul is an active community volunteer. He served as chairman of the 2008 United Way fundraising campaign for Northwest Connecticut and continues to reflect the Bank’s deep commitment to community service.