Changing while staying the same

I’ve been in this industry a long time – no need to dwell on the actual years invested but suffice it to say I’ve seen quite a few changes during my banking journey.  I joined Litchfield Bancorp in 1994 when my predecessor Mark Macomber brought me on as Vice President and Senior Commercial Lender.  At that time, our bank was at a tipping point – a financial tipping point.  Like any business in that situation, it was sink or swim time.  Mark decided to swim, I agreed to follow – and that required change at the bank.

When it comes to small towns, community is everything –there’s history and there’s tradition.  Change isn’t taken lightly – so in those pivotal years after I came on board, change was necessary but so was keeping to tradition.  We needed to change, but stay the same.  It worked and the next generation of Litchfield Bancorp was born.

Mark retired in 2012, and the reins of CEO came to me.  I’ve got my own leadership style and will probably make changes during my tenure – but I won’t forget the foundation that has been the base of Litchfield Bancorp for 165 years – Every Customer Counts.

So what is next for Litchfield Bancorp?  Technology will be increasingly relevant.  The millennial generation is becoming the working force of our community and that will require us at Litchfield Bancorp to embrace 24/7/365 banking.  As we struggle between being more mobile and protecting identities we are acutely aware of being with the times.   We are striving to remain a relationship-focused business while being technology savvy.  And we believe our customers want us to keep moving forward.

We’ve been the same community bank for 165 years – no merger, no acquisition! In the end, we don’t want to be like the big banks, we like being the small bank with the big customer experience. I’m extremely proud of the bank, its employees and the communities we serve.  Does that mean giving up a few bells and whistles in exchange for personal one-on-one attention for our customers?  Perhaps – but I’m ok with that. 

How are we doing?  What can we do to make your experience with Litchfield Bancorp better? 

Our doors are always open for our customers – we consider you part of our family.  As always, I welcome your feedback. 

Tom Villanova

President & CEO, Litchfield Bancorp.

Author: Tom Villanova

Tom Villanova became President & CEO of Litchfield Bancorp in January 2012. He joined the bank as a Vice President and commercial lender in 1994 and was promoted to Senior Vice President and Chief Lending Officer in 1997. In 2005 he was made Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Prior to his coming to Litchfield Bancorp he worked for Fleet Bank's Community Lending Division in the Simsbury market after having started in banking with Connecticut Bank & Trust Mortgage Sales division in 1986. Villanova is a graduate of Williams College, America's Community Bankers National School of Banking at Fairfield University and of the American Bankers Association Senior Leadership Institute. He has been active in the community and has been heavily involved with the Chamber of Commerce of Northwest Connecticut, the United Way of Northwest Connecticut, the Connecticut Business Development Corporation, and the Litchfield Hills Economic Development Partnership. He has been a past co-chairman of the United Way's Annual Campaign and a past chairman of the Northwest Chamber’s board of directors. Also serves as a board member of the Stonier Graduate School of Banking.