How to Protect your Patient’s Data from a Security Breach

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Data breaches can be devastating, and healthcare organizations continue to account for a significant share of reported data breaches. Why? Health care facilities carry some of the most sensitive data files, supplying hackers with the intel that has limitless potential to not only effect the health care organization that they have infiltrated, but also the patients involved in the breach.

No company is immune from a security attack or breach. Keeping patient, clinic and hospital information secure is critical, but that’s a challenge that is becoming more difficult to address as the number of attempted breaches rises. Breaches occur due to email security, lost devices, poor network security or hardware intrusion.

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Why your bank wants to see an updated business plan before giving you a business loan

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You’ve been in business for years, you’ve got a solid Profit and Loss Statement, so why is your bank asking for an updated business plan before providing you with a loan? Well, to simplify it, even though you’ve known your cousin Sharon for 30+ years, you probably wouldn’t loan her thousands of dollars without asking her what she plans to use it for, how risky a venture it is, and how she plans to pay it back. It’s kind of the same theory. Even though your company isn’t a start-up, you’ve been known in the community for years, there is still a risk for the bank in lending your business the money. Continue reading “Why your bank wants to see an updated business plan before giving you a business loan”

5 reasons buying your commercial office space makes sense

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You’ve probably asked yourself the question “Should I lease, or should I buy” in the past when it came time to get a new car or decide on where you wanted to live. But, it’s also a question to ask yourself if you own your own business. If you’ve been struggling to find a rent that fits your needs, dealt with increased rent year after year, or you’ve outgrown your current space – it may be time to investigate buying your own space. Purchasing commercial real estate is a big step that can have far reaching impacts on your business’ cash flow, balance sheet, and funding options, so it does require some serious thought. If you have the capital, here’s why now is the time to act.

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5 Things Business Loan Underwriters Are Looking For

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Most small businesses will need a loan at some point. Whether they need to get things off the ground or expand, financial backing is essential. Getting approved for the loan, isn’t always so easy however. Underwriters can get picky about who they lend their coins to, but the feat is not impossible. Here’s what to consider so you get approved. Continue reading “5 Things Business Loan Underwriters Are Looking For”

Could Your Business Be Franchised?

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You’ve made your business successful – you’ve grown it, nurtured it, and put in the blood, sweat, and tears. You’ve been through the ups and the downs, learned how to run it with your eyes closed, and know everything right down to the smallest detail, from what you need to order each month to who you need to employ and when. Continue reading “Could Your Business Be Franchised?”

Keeping your company data safe with a mobile workforce

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Technology has transformed the lives of millions of office workers, creating “work from anywhere” opportunities that provide flexibility, productivity gains, and increased happiness among the ranks. Continue reading “Keeping your company data safe with a mobile workforce”

When your business needs capital

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It’s kind of like a secret club.  Whether you are plotting your start up while working a full-time job, are currently a solo entrepreneur, or if you’ve owned a business for 50 years – there are commonalities.  You are a master decision maker and visionary, work a lot of hours and the oddest things will keep you up at night. Continue reading “When your business needs capital”

The End of the Cubicle?

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The modern workplace is changing, and it’s to the benefit of everyone. Employers know their competitive advantage is driven most by the quality of their employees, so they want to attract and keep top talent.  In addition to changes in culture and flexible working arrangements the actual footprints of offices are beginning to change – the open floor plan and communal think tank environments.  Is it the end of the cubicle? Continue reading “The End of the Cubicle?”

Is Your Business Scalable? 6 Tips to Grow

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As a seasoned business owner, you know how tough it is to grow your business. Some years you work your tail off just to squeak out another percent. But growth can come easier if you adjust your model to one with high scalability.

Your ability to scale depends mostly on what you do. If your business depends on your skillset, scaling will be difficult. There are only a certain number of hours in a day you can Continue reading “Is Your Business Scalable? 6 Tips to Grow”

Handling Conflict in Your Family Owned Business

Conflicts are a normal part of every business, but family-owned businesses present a unique set of challenges. It’s quite common for business issues to spill to the family realm and vice versa, infecting both types of relationships.

Dealing with these complex relationship issues should be a fundamental part of your business plan. The problems are inevitable, so plan for them in advance. Continue reading “Handling Conflict in Your Family Owned Business”