The Curse Of College Costs – What To Expect And How To Get Help

College costs are one of the biggest expenses a student (and their families) will ever have to pay. A four year degree will cost between $40,000 and $120,000 for the tuition alone, before figuring in housing, transport, food, and all the other costs a young academic has to pay. In fact, research shows that on average it takes 21 years to pay off student loans!

Depending on when your kids are going to go to college, you’ve got several options to help them pay for their education — Let’s explore what they are.

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We’ll take your smelly, old sneakers

You are registered for the Litchfield Hills Road Race. You’ve trained for the 7 + mile race, ready to conquer the infamous Gallows Lane, a steep quarter-mile long hill at the 6-mile mark that threatens to sap your strength.

You go to pick up your number and your free T-shirt. The crowds are beginning to gather on the green – the tailgaters are staking out their territory and you see it…the big bin of sneakers, most of which have seen a mile or two.  

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