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Of all the decisions facing any prospective home buyer, one the most critical is where to find the best mortgage option, the one with the least hassle and the most favorable financing terms.  When, how much, and even if you’ll be able to borrow what you need to buy your dream house can often come down to who you work with to make it happen.   For most people, there are two possibilities, a mortgage broker or a direct lender, i.e. a bank, credit union or savings institution of some sort.  Continue reading “BANKER OR MORTGAGE BROKER: Which is Better?”

Wellness in the Work Place: Good for Employees and Employers

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Employees know their health is the most important thing they have, but many don’t have the time or energy to make their well being a priority. Long, sedentary, and demanding days sandwiched by tedious commutes make it hard to focus on one’s health. Our life and work styles mean poor habits are growing. Continue reading “Wellness in the Work Place: Good for Employees and Employers”

Is Your Business Scalable? 6 Tips to Grow

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As a seasoned business owner, you know how tough it is to grow your business. Some years you work your tail off just to squeak out another percent. But growth can come easier if you adjust your model to one with high scalability.

Your ability to scale depends mostly on what you do. If your business depends on your skillset, scaling will be difficult. There are only a certain number of hours in a day you can Continue reading “Is Your Business Scalable? 6 Tips to Grow”